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Vote by mail is just the start

CivicEngine has everything you need this election season


Help voters find their polling place, pick a time to vote, get directions, and most importantly, remember to get out and cast their ballot.

Get out the vote with a Pledge and a Plan.

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Keep track of every election day.

With COVID-19, elections, dates and deadlines can be hard to track. That's why we have an elections tracker keeping up to date on all the latest changes.


Engage voters.

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Turnout voters.

Request a Ballot

County-Level Research


Support every voter in requesting a ballot to vote absentee. Depending on context Vote by Mail Engine generates a PDF and emails boards of election directly, integrates with online portals, or mails voters a completed copy of their application along with a stamped envelope.

The decision to accept or reject a ballot request lies at the local level. Our team of over 60 researchers is working to contact each county and working directly with local election officials.

Local boards of elections may have different levels of security requirements to verify voters. With our tool, voters can upload an ID and receive a printed copy to include in their application for requiring states.

BallotReady users are 20 percentage points more likely to turn out than non-users."

- Erico Cantoni, Donghee Jo, Cory Smith, MIT Economics Department.

Voting by mail is more important than ever - and we made it easy.

Organize your GOTV with one digital tool.

Designed to help navigate the voting process. Election Center is fully customizable and helps voters register, pledge, inform and turn out to vote.


Send customizable, automated email or text notifications based on a voter’s state reminding them of deadlines around receiving and returning their ballot.

Absentee ballot processes are complex. We staff a dedicated chatbot customer support team to answer questions and deploy our tool in multiple languages. 

For many voters, their only option will be to vote in person. Our tool shows voters how they can vote early, early voting locations, and where their polling place is on Election Day.

Make a plan

Voter Support


Inform your people with a custom voter guide.

Help voters from any address in America understand every office, candidate and referendum on their local ballot.


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